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Founded in 2005, Yantai Hirich Co Ltd is a large-scale modern group mainly engaged in Construction and Real Estate Development, Trading, Import and Export and Consultancy Services. The Company is renowned for its excellent delivery on projects.

Having decided to carve a niche for itself in the African Market, the company set up The Construction and Real Estates Division of Yantai Hirich Industries Ltd in 2006 to focus on Real Estates and Infrastructural Development in African Countries. We now operate on an international scale, taking our vision of world-class, social development to the African continent.

To achieve this, the Company has identified the need for development of Real Estate and Various Infrastructure in African countries hence it put together a team of experts well versed in the following:

1.     Large scale Real Estate Construction

2.     Construction of Bridges and Roads

3.     Structural Designs

4.     Consultancy and Development of Projects.

5.     Civil Engineering

6.     Equipment Installation

7.     International Project Contracting.

8.     International Labour Supply.


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